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Tips for cooking a 2.5 kg ham

Christmas without ham is Christmas without The Two Ronnies, Kermit without Miss Piggy, it just isn’t Christmas! Oh, the happy memories of sneaking into the larder to saw away at the sugary glaze only to then witness an exasperated and furious mother given marmite is not the best disguise for […]


Short-Rib Massaman curry

Try our delicious Short-Rib Mussaman Curry recipe. Similar to a rich, mild Thai-curry, with the layers of flavours and spices enhancng Swaledale’s Short-Ribs.


Smokey Beef Rib tacos

Cooks in 4 hours 30 minutes Difficulty Medium

This is a recipe that can go in so many directions, its about using what’s to hand to create a combination of smokiness, acidity, spiced depth, sweetness, and that umami depth that we all love.


Steak & Onion Pie

Cooks in 40 minutes Difficulty Medium

Try Swaledale’s hearty steak & onion pie, a classic dish for cold winter evenings. Swaledale’s tender steak melts in the mouth whilst the pastry creats a satisfying crunch.


Crying Tiger Beef Noodles

Cooks in 20 min Difficulty Medium

Explore the flavours of Thailand with our crying tiger beef noodles recipe. The birds eye chillies pack a punch, which is where this dish gets it’s name.


Jaffna Roast Chicken

Cooks in 40 min Difficulty Easy

Try Swaledale’s take on Jaffna roast chicken, a traditional Sri Lankan dish. Pair this dish with flatbrads and a zingy salad.


Beef Ossobuco

Cooks in 2 hours 30 minutes Difficulty Easy

Slowly-cooked, grass-fed beef shanks recipe – an Italian masterpiece so simple to cook and delicious anytime of the year. Don’t forget to eat the bone marrow!