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How to Cook a Chicken Crown

What is a chicken crown? Breaking down a whole chicken by removing the legs gives you a chicken crown. Its compact size is perfect for a roast dinner between couples or smaller groups. A chicken crown is also a simpler roast than an entire bird, as the breast can be […]

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How to Cook Bavette Steak

Bavette steak makes for a fantastic alternative to other steaks that tend to hog the limelight, as well as being high in minerals and savoury proteins. Learn how to cook the perfect bavette steak here.

How-To Guides

How to Cook Beef Mince

Budget-friendly, easy to cook, and flexible for use in many of our favourite dishes including cottage pie, beef burgers, and spaghetti bolognese, discover how to get the most out of our exceptionally flavoursome beef mince.

How-To Guides

How to Cook a Rib of Beef

What is rib of beef? Cherished by meat connoisseurs and chefs alike, a bone-in rib of beef is the Rolls-Royce cut from the primal rib. It’s a prime roasting joint with an unusual depth-of-flavour, thanks to the main lean muscle that has an abundance of fat marbled through it. This […]


Short-Rib Massaman curry

Try our delicious Short-Rib Mussaman Curry recipe. Similar to a rich, mild Thai-curry, with the layers of flavours and spices enhancng Swaledale’s Short-Ribs.


Smokey Beef Rib tacos

Cooks in 4 hours 30 minutes Difficulty Medium

This is a recipe that can go in so many directions, its about using what’s to hand to create a combination of smokiness, acidity, spiced depth, sweetness, and that umami depth that we all love.


Jaffna Roast Chicken

Cooks in 40 min Difficulty Easy

Try Swaledale’s take on Jaffna roast chicken, a traditional Sri Lankan dish. Pair this dish with flatbrads and a zingy salad.