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A raw whole grouse on a serving plate.
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How to cook grouse

The ‘glorious twelfth’ marks the beginning of the grouse season. This iconic game bird’s stunning plumage and exquisite flavour offer a true taste of the wild.

How-To Guides

How to bbq sirloin steaks

Cooks in 4-6 minutes Difficulty Easy

Enjoy the sunshine by learning how to cook your sirloin steak on the barbecue, so you can wow your guests with hearty beefy notes and flawless grill marks.

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How to smoke a brisket

Cooks in 8 hours Difficulty Medium

Legendary in Texas, nothing compares to low-and-slow, fork-tender beef brisket. For authentic brisket worthy of any Texan, learn how to smoke your brisket here.

How-To Guides

How to bbq pork loin chops

Cooks in 5-8 minutes Difficulty Easy

Amazingly juicy and invitingly tender, learn how to grill our flavourful pork loin chops on the barbecue for a delicious supper for two in just 10 minutes.