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Swaledale x Bouchon Racine Collaboration

We’re proud to announce an exciting collaboration with our great friend, and figurehead of the French restaurant scene, Henry Harris.

At his acclaimed, recently opened London restaurant Bouchon Racine, Henry delivers French bistro classics with a beautiful simplicity. It’s his pursuit of the ultimate taste and dining experience that has led to our partnership to develop a traditional Toulouse sausage, with a limited amount of packets being sold on 21st February via the Swaledale website.

Various iterations made the journey from Yorkshire to London, so Henry and his team could taste test, and give their input on the recipe. The result of our collaboration is a sausage that, true to Swaledale tradition, puts its faith firmly in the quality of the pork.

We make our Toulouse sausages in-house, to a recipe we believe even the charcutiers of old town Toulouse would be proud of. The key, we discovered, is simplicity; we let our pork do the talking, with just a little assistance from some choice ingredients, namely white pepper and a hint of garlic. 

If you would like to feature a recipe using this fantastic new Toulouse sausage, you can use this recipe from Swaledale in-house chef George Ryle who helped develop this sausage with Henry Harris.

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