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How to cook yorkshire breakfast chipolatas

What are Yorkshire breakfast chipolatas?

Our award-winning Yorkshire breakfast chipolatas provide a satisfying and delicious start to any day. Super tasty, wonderfully meaty, and classically spiced, we pair our delicious heritage breeds with classic pork flavours, including freshly ground nutmeg, mace, and black pepper.

Made using our preferred cuts of shoulder and belly, this ensures these long and thin bangers have just the right amount of fat content for a really juicy sausage.

Yorkshire breakfast chipolata cooking time

Our Yorkshire chipolatas are great for the barbecue, and can even be grilled over medium heat for 8-10 minutes. However, we think gently frying your chipolatas in a non-stick pan for a similar amount of time will give you a rich, juicy sausage that takes some beating.

How to cook Yorkshire sausage

  1. Remove your breakfast chipolatas from the packaging and pat dry any moisture.
  2. Add a splash of olive or vegetable oil to a heavy-based, non-stick frying pan over medium-low heat.
  3. Add your chipolatas to the pan and turn them every 90 seconds or so.
  4. Don’t overcrowd the base. The sausages must sit flat and need enough space to turn over.
  5. Wait until the outside of your chipolatas are a deep golden brown and the insides are pale but with no sign of pink or blood.
  6. No need to rest your sausages – serve up and tuck in.

Top tips

  • Never deviate from the medium-low temperature as cooking your chipolatas over high heat will dry the sausage out and break the skin.
  • Don’t try to rush the process by fiddling with the sausages.

Yorkshire sausage recipe

Our breakfast chipolatas add a fantastic Yorkshire twist to a full English, but if you can’t get enough of God’s own country, why not try using our award-winning sausages as part of a family favourite — Toad In The Hole.