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Poached chicken

An absolute favourite this is a delightfully tasty and, in a way, medicinal respite from days of overeating. Clean and light it is also very easy to prepare and, once the majority is eaten, transform the remains into a broth – perhaps with the addition of barley.

Summer Poached Chicken with Cucumber Relish

Serves 6


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  1. Take a large pot that owns a lid and place it over a medium heat.
  2. Toast the coriander seeds until their smell comes to the nose and then turn off the heat.
  3. Place the chicken in the bottom of the pan and cover with cold water.
  4. Place all the vegetables snugly around the chicken and add the herbs and spices plus 3 tsp of flaked sea salt (seems a lot but the stock needs it).
  5. Turn the heat back on, bring up to a simmer and then turn it down to little more than a wobble. Add the lid remembering that the heat will increase so check and alter after a few minutes.
  6. While the chicken cooks salt the cucumber with a single tsp of flaked sea salt and allow to drip drain in a sieve over a bowl.
  7. Cook the chicken for an hour or so or until the internal temperature of the breast is 75°C.
  8. After an hour, wring out the cucumber of as much extra juice as possible and put it in a nice bowl.
  9. Stir the remaining ingredients into the cucumber and serve alongside the carved chicken dished up with a little juice and the vegetables.