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How to cook outside skirt steak

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What is outside skirt steak?

Outside skirt steak is a thin, well marbled and open textured strip of meat that sits in the flank of the carcass. Referred to as ‘outside’ skirt as it sits outside the main carcass, on the short rib plate. Whilst it is little known, it is extremely delicious, and excellent value. A true ‘butchers cut’. It is far better known in Argentina – referred to as entraña, it is held in high reverence, and typically cooked over the glowing embers of an asado.

How long to cook outside skirt steak?

Outside skirt is thin, so doesn’t take a long time to cook. Best served medium-rare, 5-6 minutes in a pan should be all that is needed. Initially at a high heat to achieve beautiful caramelisation and then a lower heat, with the introduction of some butter with which to baste the steak.

What temperature do you cook outside skirt steak?

The most accurate cooking of an outside skirt steak is achieved with a meat thermometer and we suggest 52-53°C as a target temperature, post resting. In reality this means taking the steak out of the pan at approximately 40°C.

How to cook outside skirt steak

  1. Take the outside skirt steaks out of the fridge and its packaging and allow them to come up to room temperature.
  2. Set a cast iron skillet, or good quality frying pan over a high heat and add a small splash of oil.
  3. Once the oil begins to smoke, careful add the steaks to the pan and leave to cook on one side for 90 seconds, then flip and repeat.
  4. Turn the heat down to medium and add two knobs of butter. Allow the butter to foam and brown and then, using a spoon, baste the steaks with the butter for 2-3 minutes. During this process, flip the steaks every 30 seconds and be sure to monitor the heat in the pan. If the butter gets too hot it will burn, but too low and it will stop foaming and you will essentially start poaching the steaks. If using a thermometer, remove the steaks from the pan when they reach 40°C
  5. Remove the steaks from the pan and set aside on a plate, then pour over the butter from the pan. Leave to rest for at least 8 minutes.
  6. Carve the steaks against the grain of the meat and enjoy!

Top tips for cooking outside skirt steak

  • Pay close attention to the heat of the pan, it must be high at the beginning to achieve a beautiful caramelised crust and then medium to low once the butter goes in so that it foams and browns but does not burn.
  • Take inspiration from a nation known for its love of steak and skill cooking it, Argentina, and cook asado style -season with salt and pepper, then cook quickly over glowing coals; chimichurri sauce spooned over is a must.
  • Make sure to leave enough time to rest the steaks.
  • Be sure to carve the steaks against the grain, otherwise the meat will be tough and chewy.

Outside skirt steak recipe ideas

Try this recipe for outside skirt steak w/ shallot purée & shallot rings by George Ryle.

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