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Barbecued barnsley chops recipe w/ charred flat bean & black olive dressing

Here, lucky reader, I offer you a barbecued Barnsley chops recipe with a side of grilled beans that is sure to liven up any garden party. A Barnsley chop is a top choice; perhaps the quintessential example of being greater than the sum of its parts. Two single chops from the short loin of a lamb are, undeniably, lesser than a double chop, also known as a Barnsley. It doesn’t make total sense, but you know it’s true. Barnsley chops have a vibe, and sometimes that counts. They are also – and this is why you are seeing them in this recipe – a brilliant thing to barbecue. The chunk of bone in the centre of the cut works in its favour, offering the meat a little extra protection from the heat, allowing for a slower, more considered cook and rest. This allows the meat to soak up all the flavour and aroma that cooking over fire provides. These dressed flat beans work particularly well with lamb, hogget, or mutton, but I can also envisage serving them with chicken. Kalamata olives make all the difference.

Serves 2


For the dressing:



  1. Take chops out of fridge, remove packaging, pat dry with kitchen paper, pop on a plate and allow to reach room temperature.
  2. Light your barbecue, allowing it to burn down to the desired grey/white coals.
  3. Whilst the charcoal is burning down, place the two chillies on the grill and begin charring their skin. Rotate them occasionally so the skin is evenly charred all over.
  4. Remove chillies from the grill and place them in a dish or bowl, covering with a lid or cling film to steam for 10-minutes.
  5. Peel off the blackened skin from the chillies, which should remove easily. Then scrape out the seeds and chop the flesh.
  6. Add the chopped chilli flesh to a mixing bowl with the olives, oregano, diced shallot, anchovies, lemon zest, and capers. Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar and a pinch of salt (be cautious as you have some salty ingredients here). Add enough olive oil to just cover the ingredients. Stir well and leave to sit for 10-minutes before tasting and adjusting the seasoning as necessary.

Back to the barbecue:

  1. Season the Barnsley chops well with salt and then stand them up, with the fat facing down, on a cooler part of the grill to begin rendering some of the fat.
  2. Once the fat has browned and crisped nicely, lay the chops on their side on a hotter part of the grill. Cook for 90-seconds on one side, then flip and repeat on the other side. After that, flip them regularly and move them around the grill. Cook them like this for a further 6-8 minutes. Then remove from the barbecue and leave to rest.
  3. Meanwhile, very lightly drizzle the beans with oil, season with salt, and mix well. Then lay the beans on the grill. Cook for a couple of minutes on one side, then flip to cook the other side. Keep flipping until they are softened and suitably charred.
  4. Transfer the beans to a bowl or dish and dress liberally with the black olive dressing. Taste and adjust the seasoning as necessary.
  5. You can serve the chops as they are, or carve them away from the bone and slice. Up to you!

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