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Lamb liver w/ sage butter

Good quality lamb liver is a real joy, and very little needs doing to it in order to achieve excellent results! My favourite go-to is to pat-dry and dredge lightly in seasoned flour and briskly fry in foaming butter containing a fistful of fresh sage leaves. Achieve a light browning on both sides, the liver remaining pink within; spoon over the hot butter and celebrate the velveteen succulence of fresh lamb liver…

Lamb's liver with sage butter

Serves 4



  1. Slice liver into long 1cm thick pieces
  2. In a frying pan melt the butter with the olive oil until all is foaming and only just taking on a light brown colour.
  3. Dredge the liver in the flour and pat off any excess.
  4. Lay the liver in the butter and begin to fry, the slices should not be densely packed and so do in 2 batches if needs be.
  5. Add the sage leaves and shake between the liver slices so that they fry in the butter.
  6. When browned flip over and season heavily with salt and pepper while finishing the raw side.
  7. The cooking should take little more than 3-4 minutes in all as the liver wants to be certainly pink (but not raw) inside.
  8. Take the lamb to a warm plate or onto toast and spoon over the butter with crispy sage leaves.

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