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Aïoli recipe

This aioli sauce recipe by Henry Harris takes you on a journey into the culinary realm as we explore the wonders of homemade aioli. Inspired by the flavours of the Mediterranean, this creamy, garlic-infused sauce is a true delight. A thick, punchy, unctuous sauce to serve alongside meats from the barbecue, such as bavette steak, any form of chop, merguez sausages, lamb leg steak, or a free-range spatchcocked chicken that has been slowly grilled. Whether you’re dipping in triple-cooked chips or accompanying a juicy steak or tender pork chops, Henry Harris’ aioli recipe promises to enhance your dining experience. Let’s uncover the secrets to making this creamy, tangy sauce.

Aioli in a bowl, served inside pork rolls.



  1. Crush garlic cloves to a paste with salt
  2. In a food processor, mixer or bowl with whisk, beat together the egg yolks, cayenne, garlic, mustard, some salt and a light squeeze of lemon juice until pale.
  3. Slowly incorporate the olive oil allowing it to become very thick.
  4. Season with lemon juice, salt, and black pepper if needed.

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