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Chicken thighs w/ preserved lemons & green olives

Cooks in 2 hours Difficulty Medium

This is a dish normally cooked on the hob top or over an open fire as a seasoned tagine (the name of the vessel) should be able to take such direct heat. If nervous simply put the tagine in the oven if worried about cracking. This is an absolute favourite among tagines not least for the simplicity of its preparation.

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Chinese crispy chilli beef

Cooks in 30 minutes Difficulty Medium

Cheap to make and devastatingly delicious! A perfect mid week treat or as part of a larger meal. The origin of the dish is not known, but it is probably a European adaptation of a Sichuan dish. A dish best served with rice alongside a very cold beer.

Summer Poached Chicken with Cucumber Relish
Recipes, Chicken Recipes

Poached chicken

Cooks in 1 hour Difficulty Easy

An absolute favourite this is a delightfully tasty and, in a way, medicinal respite from days of overeating. Clean and light it is also very easy to prepare and, once the majority is eaten, transform the remains into a broth – perhaps with the addition of barley.


A glazed ham

Cooks in 2.5 hours Difficulty Easy

I so often see people pouring syrupy glazes on hot hams that have not been allowed to cool off first. A lot of basting, a lot of opening and closing the oven door, puffing and panting…a lot of stress.

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Featherblade steak w/ anchovies & red wine

Cooks in 3-5 minutes or 45 minutes Difficulty Easy

Jorge Thomas, founder of Swaledale Butchers told me of this recipe, along with many things, both meat and miscellaneous that have caught my attention and interest. Featherblade makes for a great braise he instructed me and as I’d only ever cast them into the flames, I set myself a challenge that I’d cook two Featherblade steaks from the same Dexter cow. One cooked as I normally would, the other braised.


Gammon & cockles on toast

Cooks in 30 Minutes Difficulty Easy

Chowder is the Welsh breakfast of cockles, bacon and laverbread. This interpretation uses gammon and cockles and is a match made in heaven. Served on some good toast, it delivers the same comforting joy as a mother’s open arm


Marrow bone canoes & crumbs

Cooks in 40 minutes

Marrow is a superfood, full of goodness, and unlike many other superfoods, it is also packed with delicious flavour. Serve to pregnant wives, girlfriends and friends who are not pregnant but may need some uplifting.