Valentine Warner



Pheasant schnitzel

Cooks in 10 minutes Difficulty Hard

This is one of my absolute favourite dishes for pheasant. Juicy, tender, crispy, buttery, sharp and salty, it’s a small island of crispiness to swoop down upon on those days when you can see your breath in the cold air.

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Thai-style grilled ox liver

Cooks in 40 minutes

I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to get this recipe off my local Thai restaurant for some years now. Next time or she is not here today is always the evasive answer despite our apparent friendship. So if I half think I know what I’m talking about, then here is my version of how it’s done! But for comparing both side by side, pretty close would be my happy conclusion. The crispy onions are my addition.

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Barbecued ox tongue w/ black leeks

Cooks in 3 hours Difficulty Easy

I absolutely love ox tongue, while also celebrating its very reasonable price and benefit to the kitchen budget. Smoked by Swaldale, then cooked over charcoal and it is nothing short of eye-rollingly delicious! A wood-fired grill is pretty essential for this recipe.